Siemens Sells Final Osram Stake

osramSiemens has sold almost all of its stake in Osram, more than 17%, for €1.2 billion according to Reuters. The company was originally listed in 2013 and Siemens said that it would keep a small number of shares to service a Siemens bond plus warrant issue due in 2019.

Reuters reports that, last year, Continental had tried to buy the Siemens stake, but the offer was not taken up. Osram is reckoned to be the leader in automotive LEDs (and certainly showed a lot in that area at Electronica last year – Osram Concentrates on Automotive and HUD LEDs)

The deal was reported to be structured in a way to minimise the possibility of a complete takeover of the company.

Osram showed this pixel array for HUDs that don’t need DLP imagers at Electronica last year. Image:Meko