Changhong TVs at CES 2017

Changhong was showing off many TVs, but not a lot seemed to have changed since our IFA report (Changhong Launches New HDR TVs). These TVs are branded under the name ChiQ, but the Q does not mean quantum dots.

As at IFA, Changhong was highlighting its 65” curved OLED 4K slim TV (65Q3A). It offers wide color gamut (115% of 709) with 750 cd/m² of luminance. It is Android-based and is offered in 55” and 60” screen sizes as well.

Also on display was an OLED model that featured Dolby Vision. This is apparently reserved for the China market right now, but it achieves 97% of DCI-P3.

The company also showed its Slim Split (or Super Slim) Q3RS line of LCD 4K TVs. This features a 4mm thick panel and an outboard speaker/electronics box. The line is said to have wide color gamut (meaning more than Rec. 709) and be HDR compatible. It is offered in 60” and 65” screen sizes.

Changhong’s main line of LCD TVs will apparently use panels from LG Display as they were highlighting the “Nano Color” technology in these TVs (see LG’s Nano Cell / Nano Color Technology Explained and LG: “We don’t need no stinking quantum dots.”). These will be offered in 55” and 65” screen sizes starting in March in China at 18K to 19K RMB ($2,600 to $2,900)

The company has a small US sales office and is hoping to expand sales.

Changhong also showed a very nice looking 65” 8K display as well as two home theater projectors (see Changhong Projection Products Used for Home TV). – CC