Changhong Projection Products Used for Home TV

Changhong showed a round short throw projector it called a Smart Cinema 100”. It is a 1080p DLP-based unit with 2500 lumens that can create an image from 70 to 100 inches. It has a laser phosphor engine and is said to produce “120%WCG”, which probably means 120% of BT.709.

This projector is on sale in China now for 49,997 RMB ($7,700) and the company plans to bring it to the US in a few months. The price will be $7K but it will come with a screen and speakers.

Changhong 4K projector

For June 2017, the company is planning to launch a 4K version in China, no doubt based upon the 4M mirror DMD device with an image shifter. Distribution in the US will likely be Q4’17.

This is a different design that looks like a short projector stool. Not many details are available yet, but screen sizes from 70 to 150” are mentioned so it will likely be higher lumen output with the same “120% WCG” spec. – CC

Analyst Comment

Part of Changhong’s booth was taken by professional displays, including a 32″ PCap touch monitor from Orion of Korea, in which Changhong is now an investor. There was also a 55″ touch mirror display with 55% reflectivity and with an integrated PC. Also on show was a 65″ UHD touch table that has 5mm tempered glass and what Orion calls ‘Soft feeling touch’ with an AG coating. (BR)

Orion Changhong Mirror Display