AWE 2016 is Lively

Augmented World Expo has been running in Silicon Valley for several years and we went along to the event, as we did last year, but this time we were able to attend the expo, rather than just the vendor and developer sessions. Organisers were expecting more than 4,000 delegates and over 200 companies were exhibiting.

What was clear to me at the end of the event is that the OLEDs, without doubt, looked better than other technologies. There is also a lot of buzz around A/R that will mean rapid developments.

There will be a European event in Berlin on October 18-19th, 2016 and organisers are expecting more than 1,500 attendees.

(Apologies – a travel-related logistical SNAFU meant that our reporter lost his paper notes of the event, so if we talked to you at the event, but missed a story, apologies!)