Vol 23 - Issue 22


What About Adding QDs to OLEDs?

by Bob Raikes

I’m writing this week’s editorial from my hotel room in Las Vegas, just before the last day of Infocomm. It’s been a fascinating three weeks for me, with SID, Infocomm and AWE Expo. I’ve …

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AWE Round Up

by Bob Raikes

Atheer has been supplying smartglasses to be used with its software, but it is in the process of moving to become a software supplier, rather than hardware, so is also happy to work with …

Tags:Augmented Reality| AWE 2016| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 22

SID 2016 Video Roundup

by Tom Allen

We recorded two videos at the SID Display Week: one with Sri Peruvemba, head of marketing for the SID organisation and the man responsible for promoting Display Week; and another with Dave Hagan of …

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SID’s Innovation Zone Holds New Pixels and Interfaces

by Tom Allen

This week, we bring you some of the final SID stories that we weren’t able to include in our main event report. These come from the I-Zone: a forum for live demonstrations of emerging …

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Sony’s Canvas Display – Best of Show at InfoComm 2016?

by Chris Chinnock

I can’t really crown Sony’s CLEDIS display my best of show winner, as I have only been here one day and have not seen all the cool stuff yet – but this one will …

Tags:Infocomm 2016| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| sony| Vol 23 - Issue 22| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

Sony Monitors Show D56 Colour Temp

by Tom Allen

Sony’s new medical monitors meet the demand for 1920 x 1080 colour displays in applications such as surgical endoscopy. In addition to D65 and D93, the LMD-2735MD (27″) and LMD-2435MD (24″) can utilise the …

Tags:Dicom Medical Calibration| Large Display Monitor| Medical| sony| Vol 23 - Issue 22

VR used to Restore Destroyed Museum

by Tom Allen

Iraq’s Mosul Museum was invaded, and some of its artefacts destroyed, by the terrorist group Isis in 2015. However, the site can now be explored virtually, thanks to Visualise, The Economist and non-profit group …

Tags:Back Panel| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Green Hippo Lights Up Eurovision

by Tom Allen

Eurovision has always been a spectacle, and the 2016 show was no different: more than 900m² of LED displays and a host of HDQ-2K40 projectors from Barco were used in the production. These were …

Tags:Back Panel| DOOH| Europe| Events| Large Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Panasonic Shifts Pixels at Infocomm

by Tom Allen

The PT-RQ32K is a high-brightness 5k (5120 x 3200) projector, which Panasonic is showing off at Infocomm this week. Developed for rental and staging, the unit reaches 27,000 centre lumens and a 240Hz refresh …

Tags:DLP Projectors| Infocomm 2016| Large Display Monitor| LFD - Large Format Display| Narrow Bezels| Panasonic| Video Walls| Vol 23 - Issue 22

VESA Launches USB Test Programme

by Tom Allen

Click to enlargeVESA has launched an early certification test programme, for products using the USB-C connector and DisplayPort Alt Mode standard. The ‘DisplayPort Alt Mode over USB-C Early Product Certification Programme’ is intended to …

Tags:DisplayPort| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Testing| USB| VESA| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Researchers Print Paper Display

by Tom Allen

Researchers from Turkey’s Bilkent University have developed a prototype display, which is printed on normal paper. The display uses graphene ink and is, of course, flexible and foldable. Forming optoelectronic devices on paper is …

Tags:Flexible Displays| Graphene| Inks| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 22

Google Creates Wall With Almost 6,000 Touch Points

by Tom Allen

Google has developed new digital signage software for unusual video walls, which is available now as an open source project. AnyPixel.js can make pixels out of just about anything, from light boxes to balloons; …

Tags:Digital Signage Software| Google| Large Display Monitor| Touch Controllers| USA| Vol 23 - Issue 22