3M to Outsource DBEF Production

3M has done well over the years with its DBEF dual brightness enhancement film, which is a reflective polariser film that helps LCD makers to get more of the photons from a backlight to get out through the front of the display. We now hear that 3M has signed a deal with SKC High Tech of South Korea to be a second source for the technology. SKC has some of its own technology that is said to be very good at working on LCDs of 65″ and above because it reduces wrinkles that can appear in the film, which is based on polycarbonate film, rather than PET which is used for most LCD films.

Analysts in Korea believe that the move may have been triggered by the forthcoming expiry of some patents in this area, although 3M is regarded as having a very strong patent portfolio.

SKC Hi techSKC’s premises and film making. Image:SKC