ZeeVee Transmits UltraHD 30 frames via 10GB Ethernet

ZeeVee has developed an IP-based video system that can send uncompressed UltraHD video over 10Gbit Ethernet at 30 fps. The product won a “Best in Show” award at ISE this year, we heard. The company has fibre-based transmitters and receivers as well as control software. The transmitters can accept video over HDMI and analogue or digital audio, which is then encoded (losslessly) and transmitted to the receiver, which outputs HDMI video and analogue and digital audio. ZeeVee highlights that its system has extremely low latency and uses commercial 10Gbit ethernet switches.

The company’s software allows multicasting of content to multiple streams and switching of content between different sources. If a single frame delay is accepted, the system can support visually seamless switching between content sources, without glitches or black screens. As well as its own software, ZeeVee has an API which means the hardware can be controlled by Crestron or AMX control systems. There is also an integrated video wall scaler that can support up to 5 x 5 arrays for control room applications.

ZyPer4k Schematic revise2ZyPer4k Schematic (click on the image to see a higher resolution version)