Pro Display Screen is for UST Projectors

Pro Display Ltd of the UK makes projection screens and had a couple of demonstration areas at the event. The first display we spotted was a front projection screen, called the “SunScreen” that had a kind of small “pyramid” optical structure that has been designed to give optimal results in high ambient lighting and when used with UST projectors, where the light is hitting the screen at a very oblique angle. The company describes the display as “louvred”, although louvres were not obvious to us when we had a close look. The display was not being shown in high ambient conditions, but looked very contrasty for a front projection system.

Pro Display also had a rear projection screen that the company can supply with either a 6-point infrared-based touch system, or alternatively a procap-based multitouch film that is said to be available up to 40 point touch. The screen is optimised to minimise “hot spot” effects despite the close projector.

Pro Display UST ScreenThe Pro Display screen is optimised for UST and had good contrast