R-series is Barco’s Thin, Light LED Solution

Barco’s R-series of LED displays uses a very thin, lightweight and flexible design, and is capable of attaching to almost any surface – including curved ones.

Described as a ‘digital media canvas’, Barco believes that the R-series will enable greater creative freedom for designers, as well as faster set-up time and lower costs.

Weight is less than 6kg per m², and the product is offered in sizes up to 4.68m long. These modules are 5mm thick, including louvres. Cabling, control and power electronics are integrated on every sheet. Additionally, the PSU can be located remotely to enable easy servicing.

When it comes to installation, there is minimal need for a support structure. In fact, Barco even says that the R-series can be glued on to a surface. There are also no visual segmentations, as there are with tiled LED displays.

Processing is provided by Barco’s Infinipix platform. This provides a web-based interface, based on HTML5. SNMP is support to export monitoring data.

The first model in the series is the R10 (10mm pixel pitch), which will be shipped from Q3’16. Barco is showing the R-series at Infocomm this week.

Analyst Comment

We’re at Infocomm and will be reporting on how the R-series looks in our report, next week. (BR)