Vudu Converts DVDs & Blu-rays to Digital

Vudu, Walmart’s streaming service, is offering a DVD and Blu-ray-based service to convert content to allow viewing into ‘digital’ copies. The service is available for around 8,000 movies from Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. There is a $2 charge for a conversion of a DVD to SD or to convert Blu-ray to HD. Upgrades from DVD to HD will cost $5.00.

Mobile Disc-to-Digital conversions must take place at a customer’s home / billing address. Mobile Disc-to-Digital works in three steps:

  • Scan – Navigate to Disc-to-Digital in the Vudu app and scan the barcode on the physical disc case.
  • Convert – Choose SD or HDX. Submit one title or scan all of your movies before submitting.
  • Watch – Watch your movies on any Vudu-enabled device.

Analyst Comment

This seems a good idea. I really object to paying the full cost again to buy the same content in a different medium, although I do not object to some kind of upgrade. Certainly, I would have paid quite a lot to save the hassle of converting all my vinyl music to digital (although a fair amount is obscure enough to not be available on digital media!). There’s a short video online here. (BR)