TVLogic Demos HDR Grading Monitor

TVLogic’s LU310R is their top of the line 31” 4K grading monitor. Like the Flanders offering (Flanders Shows HDR Monitors), this monitor uses the Panasonic dual-panel approach with 2048 LEDs and a dimmable backlight. It is rated for 2000 cd/m² peak luminance, but Flanders was operating at 3000 cd/m². The 1000 cd/m² approach taken by Eizo yields a better black level.

It is fully featured with one HDMI 2.0 input, four 12G-SDI inputs, two 12G-SDI outputs and two 3G-SDI outputs. Lots of image monitoring tools are available as well. Color gamut coverage is 100% of DCI-P3. The monitor has the ability to use a 3D LUT for more precise color reproduction. Calibration software is included but must be run from a PC, with support for multiple probes. It is not expected until December with an MSRP of $43K.

TVLogic 2

The step down LUM 313G and 318G offer 350 and 850 cd/m² respectively using a standard panel and backlight with white LEDs. Contrast is 1500:1 so HDR features are emulated, which means the monitors will tone map and gamut map any pixel outside of the capabilities of the display. The 313G and 318G are available for $12K and $16K respectively.

The LEM-550R is a 55” OLED intended as a client monitor. With UHD resolution and the same connection package as the LUM series, it supports HLG, PQ and Slog3 encoded HDR content. Brightness is specified at 750 cd/m² and contrast at 140,000:1. Color gamut is not specified but it should be close to P3. This should ship in June for $17K.

TVLogic 2

TVLogic also offers the LUM-171-S FHD resolution monitor in a 17” size that can also do HDR emulation for $4K. – CC