Flanders Shows HDR Monitors

Flanders Scientific was at NAB with a big booth full of monitors, but they mostly wanted to talk about the new 2000 cd/m² reference monitor and the 65” OLED client monitor.

The XM310K is a reference grade 31” LCD HDR monitor. It features the Panasonic dual panel architecture to provide two levels of modulation and OLED-like performance. Flanders (and TVLogic) uses a backlight configuration that has 2048 LEDs and a large number of dimmable zones. This adds additional modulation. Panasonic states that the panel should only be used to grade with a peak luminance of 2000 cd/m², but Flanders was showing the monitor with a peak luminance of 3000 cd/m². Apparently, the monitor can go there, but it may void the warranty (clearly a thermal management issue). The black level is 0.001 cd/m² and the display can achieve 100% of DCI-P3.

It is not for sale yet, but hopefully will be soon. MSRP is $45K.

Flanders 2

The XM65OU is a 65” OLED display that has been modified to offer professional features including SDI input and lots of image management features including vectorscope, histograms, waveforms, etc. Flanders says the display is OK for mastering SDR content, but does not recommend it for mastering HDR content. Many clients want to do this however, so Flanders is working with Dolby to get it approved for this use.

Brightness is speced at 1000 cd/m² on a VESA L10 patch (apparently not quite the same as a 10% area patch) or 900 cd/m² in a L20 patch. It is available now for $13K.

Flanders 2