Hitachi Shows HDR/SDR Camera Out Capability

Hitachi used a darkened room to show off what its new SK-UHD4000 broadcast camera can do. The camera can acquire using HLG (600, 800 or 1200) or PQ, sending the signal over SMPTE fiber back to the camera control unit. There, it can enable both HDR (HLG or PQ) or a standard SDR signal (BT.1886, rec. 709) out. This allows the monitoring of both on respective monitors to be sure the HDR and SDR signals look great, allowing each to be adjusted separately (HDR on left and SDR on right in images below).

Hitachi also showed how the company’s new software-based HEVC encoder can be used to work with ATSC 3.0. Given the wider bandwidth of ATSC 3.0, the encoder can create twelve SD/SDR channels. But to prove how it can be useful for HDR as well, Hitachi created one of the HDR channels in HDR. This was encoded as an IP signal using SMPTE 2110 and delivered to a TV which upscaled it to 4K for display on the TV. CC