Transtech Highlights Black LED Performance

Transtech was showing its black LED cabinets which are 1000 x 500mm and produce 4000 cd/m² rather than the 5,500 cd/m² of the standard LEDs. The cabinets at the show used a 5.9mm pitch and were for outdoor use but the company also has 4.8mm available with 3.9mm units available ‘later’. The cabinets can be aligned at ±10º to create concave or convex displays, and is also available in 2.8mm and 3.9mm pitch for indoor use.

The company also had a stand-alone ‘poster’ display which uses 2.5mm LED, but will be offered in 1.9mm pitch soon. The poster is 1890 x 560mm in size (so 756 x 224 or 972 x 288 resolution) and can be driven by ethernet or Wi-fi and uses a Novastar controller. Brightness is greater than 1200 cd/m². The poster can be easily used on the floor for retail applications, but it can also be wall hung. It costs $4,800 including the controller. Multiple units can be used to create distinctive design arrangements.

transtech compositeTranstech showed its cabinets (left) and stand-alone poster (right). Images:Meko

As well as these units, the company was showing its perimeter displays which are 960 x 1280 x 100mmm and produce 5,000 cd/m² of output with 1,000:1 contrast. The displays, which have 10mm pitch as standard and 8mm as an option, are being used in soccer stadiums as the displays are ‘UEFA approved’. The design has been created so that if preferred as the units come towards the end of their rental life, they could be used in fixed installations.