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Strong Growth in OLED Display Demand Across Consumer Electronics Forecasted

by Shawnee Blackwood

While sales of OLED TVs experienced a slowdown due to a significant drop in LCD prices, Samsung Electronics’ strategic focus on expanding OLED sales, coupled with the adoption of WOLEDs, has positioned the OLED TV market for growth beyond 2024.

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Taiwan’s Tech Sector Faces Biggest Slump in a Decade

by Omid Rahmat

This downward trend is also reflected in Taiwan’s exports, which experienced a substantial 23.4% decline in June compared to the previous year, the largest drop since the global financial crisis in 2009.

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AMD Predicts 10% Decline in PC Market With release of Q1’23 Financials

by Andy Patrizio

AMD expects the PC TAM to be down approximately 10% for 2023 to approximately 260 million units. It expects client CPU sales to grow in the second quarter and then in the seasonally stronger second half of the year.

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