Sightful Unveils Spacetop: Claims the World’s First Augmented Reality Laptop

Spacetop is being described as the world’s first augmented reality (AR) laptop. Sightful is a company comprised of spatial computing experts from companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Magic Leap. The goal of Spacetop is to combine the benefits of AR technology with the convenience and familiarity of a laptop form factor.

The main idea behind Spacetop is to provide users with a portable, virtual workspace that can be customized to suit their needs. It aims to overcome the limitations of traditional laptops by leveraging AR to create a more immersive and productive computing experience. With Spacetop, users can design their ideal working environment on a virtual canvas that can be as large as they require, allowing for multitasking and better organization of applications and windows.

To achieve this, Spacetop utilizes a combination of customized hardware and a proprietary spatial environment. The hardware component involves partnering with Wistron, a leading laptop manufacturer, to develop the necessary infrastructure for the AR laptop. The specific hardware includes customized NReal glasses, which provide clear and high-resolution augmented reality windows overlaying the real world. These glasses allow users to interact with their virtual workspace while still maintaining awareness of their surroundings.

The software component of Spacetop is the proprietary spatial environment, called the Canvas, which serves as the virtual workspace. It provides an intuitive and seamless AR experience, resembling a traditional laptop interface without complicated gesture controls or the need for external hardware or software integration. The Canvas allows users to access their key applications and work materials in an uncluttered and organized manner, eliminating the need for constant window switching and improving focus.

One of the significant advantages of Spacetop is its emphasis on privacy. The virtual workspace created on the Canvas and the user’s work are completely invisible to those who are not using the device. This ensures that sensitive information and work-related activities remain private, eliminating concerns about nosy neighbors or the need for privacy screen filters.

Sightful has received substantial funding for the development of Spacetop, totaling $61 million. The company aims to introduce a paradigm shift in personal computing by combining the familiarity of laptops with the potential of AR technology. The focus is on immediate utility and human productivity, rather than trying to create an entirely new way of working or living in a metaverse.

The Spacetop early access program is now open with 1000 early adopters invited to join. You can sign up to be considered on the company’s website.