Warner Bros. Discovery Launches WBD Stream, a Unified Digital Video Offering for Advertisers

WBD Stream is a new digital video offering announced by Warner Bros. Discovery. It provides advertisers with access to popular and premium content across Warner Bros. Discovery’s portfolio of brands, including Bleacher Report, Food Network, TNT, Animal Planet, ID, and HGTV. The goal of WBD Stream is to allow advertisers to maximize their reach and impact across multiple screens and devices.

With WBD Stream, advertisers can easily activate direct and programmatic marketplace campaigns to align with content on mobile, desktop, and connected television (CTV). This allows them to reach approximately 110 million adults each month. The offering aims to provide advertising partners with simple and high-quality digital products that reach engaged and passionate audiences, regardless of their preferred platform for consuming content.

WBD Stream includes digital inventory from Warner Bros. Discovery’s owned and operated sites and apps, as well as through third-party partnerships using dynamic ad insertion. Advertisers can leverage audience targeting options, utilizing their own data or selecting from Warner Bros. Discovery’s catalog of 140 audience segments, to enhance the impact of their campaigns. It’s important to note that WBD Stream is sold separately from advertising for Max and discovery+.

At launch, WBD Stream is available across all over-the-top (OTT) modalities, including mobile web and apps (iOS and Android), desktop web, and CTV apps. This comprehensive availability ensures that advertisers can reach their target audiences across various devices and platforms.