Himax to Unveil Color Sequential Front-Lit LCoS Technology for AR Glasses at Display Week 2023

Himax has announced that they will be unveiling their latest innovation, the Color Sequential Front-Lit LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon), at Display Week 2023.

Source: Himax

Himax’s new technology is a microdisplay solution designed to meet the high specifications required for advanced AR glasses. It is characterized by a lightweight, compact form, and high brightness. The microdisplay has a total volume of around 0.5 cubic centimeters, including the illumination optics and the LCoS panel, and can deliver an exceptional brightness of up to 100,000 nits.

The compact size and outstanding brightness of this solution make it ideal for advanced AR glasses that use 2D exit pupil expansion waveguides, which support a field-of-view of greater than 50 degrees. These specifications make it one of the most promising technologies for use in AR devices designed for a wide range of applications, from industrial work to gaming.

Himax has a proven track record in the field of LCoS technology, and their products have been used in a variety of devices, such as Google Glass and AR glasses for the hearing-impaired.