Global PC and Tablet Shipments Forecasted to Decline More Than Expected in 2023

International Data Corporation (IDC) has revised its projections for worldwide PC and tablet shipments for the year 2023. The forecasted volumes are now down 15.2% from the previous year, totaling 384.8 million, a significant decrease driven by an array of unfavorable macroeconomic factors.

However, there is hope of a recovery from 2024 onwards. It is predicted that global volumes may rise to 403.1 million during that year and even higher to 425 million by the end of 2027. This resurgence could be fueled by an uptick in commercial buying.

There has also been a rise in average selling prices (ASPs) over the past two years due to component shortages, inflation, logistics disruptions, and rapid shifts in product mix. Interestingly, the scenario seems to be changing. The surplus in component supply has resulted in prices falling due to liquidation and mix regression. ASPs should continue to fall throughout the year, declining 2.8% to $700. This would represent the first full-year ASP decline since 2015.

The IDC figures include shipments to distribution channels or end users, with OEM sales credited under the brand they’re sold. Furthermore, the term “traditional PCs” in the IDC reports pertains to desktops, notebooks, and workstations, excluding tablets or x86 servers.

This trend could have broad implications for the technology industry, particularly for companies involved in manufacturing and distributing these devices. Market players will need to carefully assess these trends to manage production and sales strategies effectively.

Product Category2023 Shipments2023/2022 Growth2027 Shipments2027/2026 Growth2023-2027 CAGR
Traditional PC250.8-14.1%289.21.4%3.6%
Worldwide PC device forecast by product category, shipments, YoY growth, and 2023-2027 CAGR (shipments in millions). (Source: IDC Worldwide Personal Computing Device Tracker, June 6, 2023)