IBC 2015


Rovi Boosts Speech and Surveys Users on Content Discovery

by Bob Raikes

Last year, one of the most impressive demos that we got was at Rovi when the firm showed us its natural language user interface tool. The system was good at understanding the context and …

Tags:IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OTT Video| Rovi| Vol 22 - Issue 37

Fraunhofer Shows Lici in KVMs

by Bob Raikes

Various Fraunhofer groups had a shared booth in Hall 8. We talked to the team behind the Lici lightweight codec. This (like Intopix and Displaystream) codec has very low latency (around two lines), doesn’t …

Tags:Codecs| DCI Compliance| Fraunhofer| IBC 2015| KVMs| Large Display Monitor| Light Field Cameras| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 37

matthew goldman ericsson

Ericsson Prefers HDR to UltraHD for “More Bang per Bit”

by Bob Raikes

We met up with Matthew Goldman, the Senior VP Technology at Ericsson and had a good chat about HDR and the issues. We also recorded an interview with him, look here for updates when …

Tags:Ericsson| HDR - High Dynamic Range| IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 37

Lenovo Boosts Mobile Workstations

by Bob Raikes

This is Lenovo’s integrated colorimeterWe hadn’t spotted Lenovo at IBC before, but were happy to catch up to look at its workstation. There was no real monitor news, although the company said that the …

Tags:Colour Certification| IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Lenovo| Mobile Display Monitor| Notebooks| Vol 22 - Issue 37| Workstations

mt richard scott

Irdeto Offering Smart DRM

by Bob Raikes

We haven’t previously reported on Irdeto, but something their PR company told us must have been persuasive and we met with Richard Scott, SVP Sales & Marketing from the company this time. The firm …

Tags:IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Piracy| Security| Vol 22 - Issue 37

Sigma Boosts G.Hn & Highlights UltraHD

by Bob Raikes

Sigma Designs was in a meeting room above Hall 1 and we got the latest update from them. The first news was about a new variation on G.Hn which Sigma calls “G.Hn Prime” which …

Tags:G.hn| IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Sigma Designs| UltraHD| Vizio| Vol 22 - Issue 37

UltraHD Alliance Wants to Bring Order to the “Wild Wild West”

by Bob Raikes

The UltraHD Alliance had a meeting room at IBC to introduce itself to the European business. There was a feeling that there was a feeling of the “Wild Wild West”. A group of companies …

Tags:IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| UltraHD| UltraHD Alliance| Vol 22 - Issue 37

IBC 2015 on Course for Record Attendance

by Bob Raikes

IBC closed with record attendance of 55,128 delegates and 1,800 companies. There were 250 speakers in many sessions, panels and keynotes and the exhibition seems to be on a positive curve. (although we found …

Tags:IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 37

Absen Promotes its Broadcast Skills

by Bob Raikes

This photo from an unusual angle shows the wide viewing angle of today’s LEDsWe met with Reuben Rengel of Absen who runs Absen in Europe. Absen, which makes LED displays, was at the show …

Tags:Absen| IBC 2015| Large Display Monitor| LED| Mobile Display Monitor| Small Pixel Pitch LED SPP| Vol 22 - Issue 37

ARM Awarded Top Broadcast Industry Honor at IBC 2015

by Tom Allen

ARM accepted the IBC2015 International Honour for Excellence in front of an audience of the world’s most influential broadcast and entertainment companies last night in Amsterdam. The company was recognized for its processor and …

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