Absen launches the Smart & Slim N Series LED Cabinets for High-end Retail, Advertising and Broadcast Applications

Absen N Series

2015 has been an extraordinary year for Absen Optoelectronics, one of the leading global manufacturers of high quality LED displays. Absen is proud to announce the latest addition to its repertoire of high quality LED displays, the N Series. The N Series of LED cabinets – comprising the N2 and N4 cabinets with 2.4mm and 4 mm pixel pitch respectively – have been designed with two key market sectors in mind: high-end retail and advertising. The N2 with its broadcast suitable 2.4mm pixel pitch will be showcased for the first time at Absen’s stand (11B63) at the IBC trade show (Amsterdam, 10-14 September 2015).

The Absen N Series N4 Smart & Slim flat panel screen pixel pitch LED display is a fully front serviceable panel housed in a rectangular shaped high-grade die cast aluminum cabinet, available in three different lengths: 1,152, 1,440 and 864 x 288mm for N4, and 576x288mm for N2. With a thickness of just 54mm, the N4 has an incredibly sleek looking outer chassis ideal for retail installations where space is both scarce and expensive. Thanks to a shallow depth, each N4 1152x288mm cabinet weighs in at just 7.5kg, ensuring that installation and maintenance is effortless. As usual for Absen LED panels, the N Series has an extremely high definition and vivid image.

“The N Series perfectly meets the market positioning of the retail environment such as shopping malls with its beautiful appearance and its high definition picture,” enthused Absen’s Product Manager, Ashen Chen. “Thanks to its slim design, as the entire installation’s thickness is within 10cm,the N Series has the potential to save a lot of installation space for customers in the kind of commercial areas with expensive rent or property prices, thus saving space and ultimately financial expense.”

Another feature making the N Series cabinet ideally suited to the retail environment lies with its power supply and cooling system. The cabinet’s power supply and fan-less design ensures operational silence, allowing the panel to blend into the ambiance of any environment.

Unique to Absen is the N4’s smart modular system. This brand new feature assigns every module with an ID number, order index number, production date, work time, module current, colour coordinates, module voltage and module temperature. Most importantly, all this information enables the Absen LED panels to be easily monitored.

One of the most technologically progressive features of the N Series is its built-in remote control device, which allows users to control the display over Wi-Fi, making monitoring easier and simpler, and also allowing for real-time monitor work status. A key feature of this is the N4’s automated email response system, whereby an email is sent to the user in the case of malfunction or problem identification, thus reducing response time and cost for troubleshooting. Monitoring is available through all mediums including PC, Tablet and Mobile phone.

“The remote control feature is something that awards the N Series with a great deal of versatility,” continued Chen. “This is a feature that could be utilised not just in retail, but also in the advertising sector too, where adverts can be changed remotely, or scheduled.”

Utilising such progressive technological developments, the Absen N Series has been designed to become an interactive smart experience medium in the mobile Internet era, creating greater value for end users and impact towards customers.

When considering the N2 cabinet in particular, thanks to its ultra low-grade pixel pitch of 2.4mm, the rectangular shaped display has the potential to be used in broadcast applications. Suitable for situations where fast moving content needs to be transmitted flicker-free without ghosting or tearing onto camera, the N2 ensures all of the highly accurate colour consistency and brightness uniformity is represented realistically on camera.

Another ideal feature for broadcast is the N Series’ 160° wide viewing angle. With such a deep angle, the high picture quality can be enjoyed from virtually any front view angle, absolutely imperative for all manner of broadcast situations. Finally, the N4 can be used both horizontally and vertically to design bespoke display shapes.

“Thanks to the mobile control feature and the exceptionally sleek build, we are confident that the N Series will lead high-end indoor fixed display development trends,” commented Chen. He continued: “The N Series not only offers all the exceptional high quality picture you expect from Absen, but also adds many new features which will fully meet the expectations of the high-end retail, advertising and in the case of the N2, the broadcast market.

“Coupled with Absen’s highly regarded servicing and after sales support care, we’re confident that we have a hugely competitive product to create huge benefit for the end user.”