Lenovo Boosts Mobile Workstations

This is Lenovo’s integrated colorimeterWe hadn’t spotted Lenovo at IBC before, but were happy to catch up to look at its workstation. There was no real monitor news, although the company said that the ThinkVision Pro 2840M (the firm’s original 28″ monitor) is now down to $600 in the US.

The real attraction at the meeting was Lenovo’s new P70 (17.3″) and P50 (15.6″) notebook workstations which use the new Intel Skylake processors. Looking at the displays first, the 17″ has an UltraHD IPS display (much better than the IPS panel on my older T440S). There is a touch option and also a lower cost FullHD panel option.

There is also another interesting option. The notebook has an X-Rite Colour Calibrator built into the notebook. The firm told us that the notebook is closed over the integrated sensor, which is by the keyboard, and that panel calibration “takes about two minutes”. The calibration option is also available on the 15.6″ – as is the UltraHD display option.

The notebooks use Nvidia Quadro M6000 GPUs (Nvidia was sponsoring the booth, but we couldn’t find the firm at IBC, which was a surprise) and are also the first notebooks to use Intel Zeon chips – previously reserved for servers and high end desktops. Memory is up to 64GB of DDR4 running at 2144MHz. There is also a new disk format (M.2, which replaces mSATA) allowing up to four drives if no optical disk is used.

For use with external monitors, the workstations have a miniDisplayport output and two Thunderbolt 3 ports, so up to three external UltraHD displays can be supported.