Fraunhofer Shows Lici in KVMs

Various Fraunhofer groups had a shared booth in Hall 8. We talked to the team behind the Lici lightweight codec. This (like Intopix and Displaystream) codec has very low latency (around two lines), doesn’t use external memory and offers 4:1 up to around 6:1 compression. The codec has been very specifically developed to be implimented in an FPGA. The researchers expect applications in contribution – for example in cameras and has been checked with Xilinx and Altera technology. Emphasis was put on the fact that the codec guarantees no frame drops. It should find applications in KVMs.

Last year, we interviewed Frederick Zilly of Fraunhofer IIS who has developed a multi-camera light field image capture system (Fraunhofer IIS Does Lightfield Movie Production Test). The researchers have now developed a Nuke plug-in to support the file formats used to make post-production easier.

Another group from IIS was showing easyDCP, a package for building Digital Content Packages (DCP) and Interoperable Master Format Packages (IMF). The group has migrated the software to run on Nvidia and OpenCL so that the process is much faster (typically 3X). IMF packages have now been mandatory for submissions to Netflix.