ARM Awarded Top Broadcast Industry Honor at IBC 2015

ARM accepted the IBC2015 International Honour for Excellence in front of an audience of the world’s most influential broadcast and entertainment companies last night in Amsterdam. The company was recognized for its processor and graphics technologies, and for enabling the mobile revolution that has transformed the way people consume media content. ARM joins the ranks of previous winners including film directors James Cameron and Sir Peter Jackson, CNN’s Ted Turner and Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

The IBC International Honor for Excellence is given to an individual, group or organization delivering excellence of innovation, furtherance or application of media technology. The winner is chosen by the IBC Council, an advisory group made up of the world’s top broadcasters and technology suppliers. It is bestowed by the IBC partnership which includes the Royal Television Society (UK), Broadcast Television Society of the IEEE (USA) and International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (UK/Int’l).

According to IBC Council Chair Peter Owen, “Smartphones and tablets have proven to be a transformative technology for the electronic media industry and ARM’s RISC processor designs have been central to this revolution. For pioneering, enabling and driving the most advanced mobile technology, IBC is pleased to award the 2015 International Honor for Excellence to ARM.”

“We see an exciting future for the broadcast and entertainment industry as evolving technology brings new revenue streams, diversity in consumption and seamless viewing experiences across all devices,” said Simon Segars, CEO, ARM. “Getting there will require effort, as successful technology must be highly sensitive to cost, capacity and energy constraints in order for companies to remain as sustainable as they are innovative.

“ARM already designs technology that enables the industry to create content, refine it in post-production and get it on to everyone’s screens, and we will fully support the sector in this next phase. We are hugely excited to be formally welcomed into the IBC family with the 2015 International Honor for Excellence award.”

Since the company was founded in 1990, the ARM® processor architecture has evolved to include features that meet the growing demands for greater security, higher performance and the needs of new and emerging applications. ARM’s partners have shipped more than 65 billion processors over the past 25 years, with just under half of the 12 billion chips sold in 2014 going into mobile devices. ARM Cortex® microprocessor and ARM Mali™ graphics technology can be found wherever computing happens, ranging from sensors to servers, and including smartphones, tablets, digital TVs, enterprise infrastructure, automotive and the Internet of Things.

Other previous winners of the IBC International Honor for Excellence include Leonardo Chiariglione, for his work in originating the ISO standardization activity known as MPEG (or Moving Picture Experts Group) and Ray Dolby, inventor of the noise reduction system known as Dolby NR. He was also co-inventor of videotape recording and the founder of Dolby Laboratories.