SiliconCore Launches New 1.2mm 240Hz XR LED Display for Broadcast and Virtual Productions

SiliconCore has introduced a new addition to its XR range of LED displays, designed to cater to the broadcast industry and virtual production environments. The 1.2mm XR LED Display features a 240 Hz frame rate, made possible through a combination of proprietary technology and a novel clocking scheme.

Source: SiliconCore

The company’s new driver IC is touted to enable enhanced performance while operating at lower temperatures, facilitating faster clock speeds required for advanced broadcast applications. As SiliconCore manufactures its own driver chips, it claims to ensure optimal performance of each pixel.

The 500mm x 500mm cabinets are suited for high-resolution setups, featuring LISA durability technology that allows use on studio floors and walls without needing additional overlays. The product promises seamless LED volumes that don’t compromise on image quality or design efficiency.

SiliconCore’s patented Common Cathode driver chip delivers 240 Hz frame rates and a 7680Hz refresh rate. The technology also aims to provide high brightness at 1400 nits and low greyscale performance for high dynamic range. The company states that the displays offer high contrast, 160-degree viewing angles, and operate at cool temperatures, contributing to a longer lifespan of over 100,000 hours.