Samsung Partners with University to Pioneer Immersive Education

by Shawnee Blackwood

The centerpieces of this educational overhaul are the LED immersive rooms – outfitted with 18 meters of the latest Samsung displays spanning three walls.

Tags:Digital Signage| Education| LED| LFD - Large Format Display| Samsung| UHD

VR in Education: Mindshare Matters

by Len Scrogan

It seems that educational customer attention is instead focused on VR’s competition, tech that is simply sexier, for now: ChatGPT, all things AI, and Apple’s beckoning foray into augmented reality.

Tags:Augmented Reality| Education| VR

Asus Has a Plan for Carbon Offsets

by Shawnee Blackwood

Asus is introducing its Carbon Partner Services at Computex 2023.

Tags:Asus| Carbon Footrpint| Computex 2023| Education| Laptops| OLED

VR in Education: Structural Challenges

by Len Scrogan

In most education settings, the growth of virtual reality finds itself seriously hobbled by six behind-the-scenes structural challenges.

Tags:Education| VR