Samsung Partners with University to Pioneer Immersive Education

Samsung has partnered with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) to transform traditional learning spaces into cutting-edge, immersive environments that are set to revolutionize education. Working closely with systems integrator IDNS, the university has installed state-of-the-art Samsung LED screens to create a12K resolution learning experience across two campuses.

The centerpieces of this educational overhaul are the LED immersive rooms – outfitted with 18 meters of the latest Samsung displays spanning three walls. The wider partnership has also delivered HyFlex rooms equipped with Samsung interactive displays like the Flip and Crystal UHD signage. These encourage active participation both for in-person and remote students, allowing hybrid learning to feel more collaborative and involved.

Samsung’s head of signage, Steve Robertson, remarked that the immersive room represented months of close teamwork between all parties and showcased Samsung display technology as the driving force.