Apple to Launch a Foldable Phone Using AgNW in 2023

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is reported by as saying that Apple is planning an 8″ QHD+ flexible OLED-based folding smartphone in 2023. Samsung is likely to be the exclusive …

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Cambrios, Risen from the Ashes, Now Spreads its Wings

by Ken Werner

Mike Spaid, President and CEO of what is now Cambrios Advanced Materials, joined its predecessor company (Cambrios Technologies Corp.) in 2005, shortly after that company was founded. That was also the year Cambrios first …

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Cambrios Film Solutions Market Update

by Artem Alekseenko

Cambrios Film Solutions (“Cambrios”), the leader in SNW technology, is announcing the world’s first metal-on-SNW (“MOS”, i.e. metals such as copper, silver, etc.) advanced material for enabling commercial mass production of new flexible and …


Nine New Patents Granted to Cambrios Film Solutions in Q3 2018

by Damir Lokas

Cambrios Film Solutions has announced the issuance of nine new patents in Q3 2018 by various patent offices worldwide. The following table lists the company’s new patent issuances: Patent No. Patent Expiration US10057991 07-09-2035 …


Kuwada Takes Cambrios to Asia

by Tom Allen

Cambrios has appointed Ryosuke Kuwada to a newly-created position: executive adviser to the CEO. Kuwada will focus on the firm’s business development efforts in Asia. Kuwada has worked in technology sales and marketing for …

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Thinking Big Thoughts

by Ken Werner

As SID Display Week approaches with frightening rapidity, we should be thinking big thoughts and getting ready to ask big questions of the experts — real and imagined — who will gather in San …

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Cambrios Clarifies Changes

by Bob Raikes

We reported on the Cambrios liquidation and ‘re-birth’ as Cambrios Advanced Materials Corp last week and, as planned, we managed to catch up with past and current President & CEO Jon LeMoncheck to get …

Tags:Cambrios| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Silver Nanowire| Touch Displays| Vol 23 - Issue 16

Cambrios Gets a Second Chance

by Tom Allen

John LeMoncheck will resume his position as president and CEO of CambriosCambrios has restarted its silver nanowire business, following the liquidation of the company’s assets in February. Steve Victor, a senior MD at Development …

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CES Video Round Up

by Bob Raikes

Our CES 2016 reel which includes VESA, Cambrios, Pixelworks, Intel, Qualcomm and a look at some of the products shown by Samsung at CES 2016.

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Cambrios Focusing on AIOs – and Winning!

by Bob Raikes

Cambrios, which makes silver nanowire materials for procap touch and other applications, was in the Westgate hotel. The company has found a segment of the market, All-in-one (AIO) PCs, that need the performance of …

Tags:Cambrios| CES 2016| ITO Replacement| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Silver Nanowire| Vol 23 - Issue 02

Silver Nanowires Get Large

by Ken Werner

The arguments for replacing indium tin oxide (ITO) with non-ITO transparent conductors are powerful and widely known. Although ITO is quite transparent, it is not a very good conductor. Even more important, as flexible …

Tags:Cambrios| ITO Replacement| SID Display Week 2015| Silver Nanowire| Vol 22 - Issue 22

Heraeus clevios HY

Cambrios and Heraeus Announce New Conductive Material

by Norbert Hildebrand

Cambrios and Heraeus have announced a new class of flexible, transparent and conductive material. Both companies already produce materials that produce such conductive layers. Heraeus is the supplier for Clevios a PEDOT:PSS organic solution, …

Tags:Cambrios| Flexible Devices| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Silver Nanowire| Vol 22 - Issue 13