Nine New Patents Granted to Cambrios Film Solutions in Q3 2018

Cambrios Film Solutions has announced the issuance of nine new patents in Q3 2018 by various patent offices worldwide.

The following table lists the company’s new patent issuances:

Patent No. Patent Expiration
US10057991 07-09-2035
US10040956 11-05-2035
US10081058 08-09-2036
US10026518 03-02-2031
CN201280065984.0 11-02-2032
JP6371464 04-10-2035
JP6389856 01-14-2031
JP6383807 01-31-2034
TWI628674 01-21-2034

Cambrios Film Solutions, the leader in high-quality silver nanowire materials production, is known throughout the industry for its significant patent portfolio. Cambrios Film Solutions has over 15 years of fundamental research and development of silver nanowires for mass production, with a strong commitment to IP protection from the beginning.

According to Cambrios CTO Dr. Mike Spaid, Cambrios is now well-positioned with a global patent portfolio of over 170 issued patents, representing the majority of patent issuances in the space. Cambrios patents cover innovations from silver nanowire synthesis and ink formulation to coated transparent conductors and sensor films. Key US patents in the portfolio have undergone rigorous validity verification by a top-tier US law firm.

Silver nanowire technology, noted Spaid, has wide applicability for use in projected capacitive touch sensors for consumer and commercial applications. Silver nanowire conductive films are available for use in curved and flat sensors for mobile platforms, and personal computing. The technology is also applicable for large format touch sensors for electronic displays and digital whiteboards.

Two of the newly issued patents are of particular significance:

US Patent No. 10026518 titled “Low-haze transparent conductors” issued on July 17, 2018; and Japanese Patent No. 6389856 titled “Ink composition, and a method for manufacturing a transparent conductor” issued on September 12, 2018.

These patents cover new generations of Cambrios’ ClearOhm® inks and transparent conductors having ultra-low added haze of less than 0.5%, a key performance metric affecting display contrast ratio and color performance.

“These recently issued patents cover a key application of our core technology and strengthen our intellectual property protection,” said Spaid. “We have consistently sought to protect, expand and improve uses of our silver nanowire technology in the US and globally. Cambrios Film Solutions invests substantially in research and development to provide the highest quality, most reliable silver nanowire solutions to its customers. Cambrios Film Solutions will defend its intellectual property against unauthorized use by silver nanowire ink manufacturers, silver nanowire film manufacturers, sensor makers or original equipment manufacturers.”

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About Cambrios Film Solutions

Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation, the owner of the patents, is a holding company. Research and development is conducted by its US subsidiary, Sunnyvale, CA-based Cambrios Advanced Materials Corporation. Subsidiaries in Taiwan and China manage sales and production. The company’s ClearOhm® product is a transparent conductor with significantly higher optical and electrical performance than traditional materials and methods. Applications of ClearOhm material include touch screens, EMI shielding, ePaper, OLED lighting and thin film photovoltaics.