Cambrios Film Solutions Market Update

Cambrios Film Solutions (“Cambrios”), the leader in SNW technology, is announcing the world’s first metal-on-SNW (“MOS”, i.e. metals such as copper, silver, etc.) advanced material for enabling commercial mass production of new flexible and wearable consumer devices. Cambrios’ breakthrough MOS material is an SNW-based, flexible, drop-in replacement for the popular MOI (metal-on-ITO) material, which powers many of the world’s most well-known smartphones.

Cambrios has also filed two petitions in China in an effort to have proceedings instituted confirming the invalidity of two of C3Nano Inc.’s three Chinese SNW related patents. Due to the current political environment, it appears that introduction of SNW into the market is now split into a Chinese as well as a US/rest-of-world market, with the Chinese market going ahead at a faster pace. Cambrios is hereby reacting to these market developments.

In line with the arguments in the US Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs) against C3Nano’s ‘968 and ‘301 patents, the Chinese petitions allege that the claims in C3Nano’s ‘555 and ‘577 patents are invalid, and challenges C3Nano’s assertion that its “fusion technology” is not covered by existing prior art. Cambrios argues in its petitions that SNW transparent conductive films exceeding the electrical and optical performance described in the ‘555 and ‘577 were reduced to practice years prior to the C3Nano filing of the ‘555 and ‘577 patents. Cambrios is continuing its ongoing global effort in China and the United States to defend its portfolio of SNW related patents and to challenge the validity of patents owned by other market participants that claim old and previously known technology.

Cambrios is also committed to vigorous enforcement of its IP rights. Such enforcement extends to, and includes, suppliers of ink and film, like C3Nano. Cambrios is committed to investigating products already in the US market, and any future products, which are suspected of containing infringing silver nanowire ink or film. If violations of Cambrios’s patent rights are found, Cambrios will take appropriate action to prevent the infringement of its rights, including, if necessary, the initiation of legal actions. Cambrios will issue a press release upon the filing of any such legal action identifying the infringer(s) and the product(s) accused of infringement.

Cambrios Film Solutions is known throughout the industry for its significant patent portfolio. Cambrios Film Solutions has over 14 years of fundamental research and development of silver nanowires for mass production, with a strong commitment to IP protection from the beginning. Cambrios Film Solutions invests substantially in research and development to provide the highest quality, most reliable silver nanowire solutions to its customers. As a result, Cambrios continues to be well-positioned with its global patent portfolio of over 190 issued patents, representing the majority of patent issuances in the space.

“Cambrios is committed to protect its investment of more than a decade of R&D innovation in SNW technology and will vigorously defend its intellectual property rights against unauthorized use by silver nanowire ink manufacturers, silver nanowire film manufacturers, sensor makers or original equipment manufacturers,” said Dr. Michael Spaid, Chief Technology Officer at Cambrios.

About Cambrios Film Solutions

Cambrios Film Solutions Corporation, the owner of the patents, is a holding company. Research and development is conducted by its US subsidiary, Sunnyvale, CA-based Cambrios Advanced Materials Corporation. Subsidiaries in Taiwanand China manage sales and production. The company’s ClearOhm® product is a transparent conductor with significantly higher optical and electrical performance than traditional materials and methods. Applications of ClearOhm material include touch screens, EMI shielding, ePaper, OLED lighting and thin film photovoltaics.