Cambrios Gets a Second Chance

John LeMoncheck will resume his position as president and CEO of CambriosCambrios has restarted its silver nanowire business, following the liquidation of the company’s assets in February.

Steve Victor, a senior MD at Development Specialists (which acted as the Assignee in Cambrios’ liquidation), said that Cambrios was another example of a high-tech venture that could not raise enough capital to sustain its operations.

It has now been announced that Champ Great International Corporation – owned by a previous strategic investor, Michael Chiang of Taiwan – purchased the assets of Cambrios Technologies Corporation. Champ Great has formed a new firm, Cambrios Advanced Materials Corporation, which will continue to work on R&D and sales of silver nanowire inks.

John LeMoncheck is president and CEO of Cambrios AMC (as he was of Cambrios TC). He said, “Most Silicon Valley tech companies don’t get a second chance, but investors at Champ Great clearly saw our value now and going forward… The company is now well funded, we are rehiring key team leaders, resuming product shipments and delivering on the promise of silver nanowire technology adoption.”

Analyst Comment

We have an interview set up with LeMoncheck and will report again once we have talked to him. BR