Cambrios Focusing on AIOs – and Winning!

Cambrios logoCambrios, which makes silver nanowire materials for procap touch and other applications, was in the Westgate hotel. The company has found a segment of the market, All-in-one (AIO) PCs, that need the performance of its ITO replacement material. It has had design wins with Lenovo, MSI, Acer and LG and has recently added HP as a user of its materials.

At the show, the company was showing the first notebook to use the silver nanowires, a 15″ notebook from Toshiba.

In large screens, Cambrios has developed a 65″ demonstrator that it showed at Ceatec.

As well as these touch applications, Cambrios has had some success with solar applications and is working with Crystalsol of Vienna, Austria, which is working on developing printed solar cells. It has also had a win with an imaging use. Sigma Screening has developed a mammography sensor that has some flexibility and that is being adopted by GE to reduce discomfort in mammography examinations.

Analyst Comment

Metal mesh materials have been doing well in very large touch panels and we have heard of the idea of using very coarse metal meshes with an “infill” of materials such as nanowires. However, Cambrios told us that a big barrier to this is that the companies developing the different materials are fiercely competitive, so cooperation is a challenge! (BR)