Connected TV use up 50%

Conviva smallerUS consultancies, Conviva and nScreen Media said that its latest research, based on looking at more than 20 billion OTT streams per month from 2 million viewing screens globally have shown that the way content is watched is changing.

Key video streaming data points include:

  • Connected TV usage increased 50% between Q1 2015 and Q1 2016
  • PC and smartphone usage decreased 10 and 20%, respectively
  • For binge watching, viewers prefer a connected TV (40% more preferred than a tablet and 50% more preferred than both a smartphone or PC)
  • Seventy-nine% of out-of-home video requests came from tablets and smartphones; 13% came from laptops
  • Short form content is most popular within the home (19% live; 53% short; and 27% long)
  • Long form content is most popular outside the home (25% live; 36% short; and 39% long)

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