Silicon Core Eases Back From COB, Encapsulates LEDs

Silicon Core was one of the first LED display makers that we talked to at the event. The company has its own technology and has often been just ahead of other brands in using technology. The firm’s common cathode technology allows higher brightness with smaller LED pitch and told us that it is shipping its 0.95mm and 1.2mm Camellia LEDs which also make the most of the company’s Zach driving that we reported on from Infocomm last year.

The company was one of the first to talk to us about the potential of CoB technology, however it has proved a bit harder than expected to bring to market with all the qualities that the company wants to deliver to its clients. Viewing angle is still proving a challenge and there are other issues in uniformity and colour quality. As a result, it is now promoting an alternative approach that it is calling Lisa-D (for durable) and which was being shown in a pre-production form. The idea is to use traditional SMD LEDs, but encapsulate them. The pitch is 1.9mm with 1,500 cd/m² of brightness allowing a 720p configuration at 110″.

The use of resin encapsulation of the LEDs makes the module more robust and less sensitive to handling damage. Viewing angle is improved and in the future it should help to reduce manufacturing cost and allow smaller pitch – the company has a target of getting to 0.95mm, with pitches below still likely to be made using COB technology. The cost addition is around 5% compared to regular SMD displays.

The firm has been doing well, especially in the Middle East and showed us pictures of a 50 metre wall of 2mm LED used for monitoring of complete pipelines. Unfortunately, the client has not approved the release of details, so we can’t share the image with you.

thumb DSC07131Silicon Core’s fine pitch displays always look good. This is the 0.95mm pitch Camellia LED. Image:Meko