SiliconCore Introduces High-Resolution, Low-Power 135” Mobile AIO Display

SiliconCore has unveiled a new Mobile All-In-One display solution that showcases its patented LED technology, offering a 135-inch high-resolution display designed for use in collaboration rooms, engineering environments, and training suites.

Source: SIliconCore

With a 1.25mm pixel pitch, the display can be folded and easily moved to different environments, including standard industrial elevators. Once in place, it expands through a motorized mechanism to seamlessly set up a 2400 x 1350 resolution display. The display takes HDMI or DPI input. The company claims its display boasts 20% more pixels than comparable 135-inch displays.

The display’s brightness is maintained at a sustained level of 1200 nits, with low-level brightness under .07 nits. The LEDs are capable of 100,000 hours of life, and even at half-life, they maintain brightness similar to day one due to efficient operation, according to SiliconCore. The low power consumption means the display requires only a single power cord, with an average consumption under 800 watts, making it a cost-effective replacement for complex projection systems.

SiliconCore claims three key technologies that are unique to the company: Common Cathode, ZACH, and LISA. Common Cathode supplies dedicated voltages to each LED, reducing heat and power use while increasing brightness and lifespan. ZACH (Z(Impedance) Adjustment for Color Homogeneity) ensures uniform brightness and color by adjusting for impedance variations in LEDs, offering better grayscale and higher refresh rates. LISA uses a patented encapsulation process to improve durability, viewing angles, and color uniformity, protecting LEDs from damage and limiting dust and water intrusion.