Peerless-AV Introduces Updates to Its Seamless Universal dvLED Mounting System

Peerless-AV has announced updates to its Seamless Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System, aiming to enhance accessibility, flexibility, and scalability in dvLED display integration. The updates include the introduction of new 1:1 DS-LEDUNV models, which adopt a ‘one display, one mount’ strategy similar to LCD video walls.

The company has also redesigned the DS-LEDUNV product sizes and packaging to reduce warehouse space requirements, decrease delivery costs, and lower the environmental impact. Additionally, a new patent-pending Universal Spacer has been introduced, designed to simplify the installation process and provide adaptability for future modifications.

The Universal Spacer, which is sold separately and is reusable, features set pin height locations for common cabinet sizes ranging from 240mm to 1000mm. This eliminates the need for dedicated vertical wall templates and allows for quicker integration by aligning the horizontal extrusion for landscape or portrait cabinet configurations. The spacer also includes a built-in caliper feature for measuring and setting the spacing for cabinets that do not match the predefined pin locations.

The DS-LEDUNV is also available as preconfigured mounting kits, tailored for popular display resolutions and configurations. These kits include the new Universal Spacer and other necessary hardware, all in one package. The redesign of the packaging has led to a size reduction of up to 50%.