ProLight & Sound is Foggy

This year we went along to the ProLight & Sound Event in Frankfurt, one of the key European events in the rental and staging audio visual market. Although many of the companies that we spoke to had also been at ISE, there were some differences as they re-positioned themselves to the particular needs of the market.

There were, of course, a large number of LED display vendors and we got to know a few more that we have not reported on previously, but we didn’t cover all of them. Frankly, most of the smaller companies have little to say except “we’re cheap” and they all claim ‘good quality’, although with such a visual product and so many competitors close by, sometimes the lack of quality is obvious.

Anyway, the event also covers lighting and lasers so there was a permanent ‘fog’ in the air as companies wanted to show off their light shows. The event leads directly into the consumer ‘Musikmesse’, an annual event for musical instruments, so there was a big crowd expected at the weekend.