Philips Adds WCG UltraHD Monitor

MMD has announced a new monitor for the Philips brand, the 328P6VJEB, that is a 31.5″ VA UltraHD device with a wide colour gamut. Brightness is 300 cd/m² and colour gamut is quoted at “95% of NTSC as opposed to the typical 72%”. Response time is quoted at 4ms and native contrast at 3,000:1. Inputs include VGA, DVI D (dual link), DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 (with MHL). The monitor includes a four port USB 3.0 hub (one output with fast charge). The monitor has twin 3W speakers and multiview (PBP/PIP) modes. Approvals include TCO Edge and Energy Star 7.0.

The monitor is selling in the UK for £599 inc VAT ($620 + tax)

Analyst Comment

It is depressing that a company like MMD, a JV of TPV, the biggest monitor maker in the world and one of the biggest TV vendors is still quoting gamuts as percentages of NTSC. The full NTSC gamut has never been used in any real world content or application and so the percentage information has no practical purpose. If the company was quoting P3 or AdobeRGB or even sRGB, that would mean something. It’s very unlikely that this monitor won’t cover sRGB or Rec. 709, but even those specifications were not quoted in the release.

The monitor ought to look good and is very keenly priced, so it’s a shame that it is not being well explained! (BR)