Optoma Maps onto M&Ms

Optoma has released a case study of a projection mapping application with M&M’s in the Leicester Square flagship store. There are two pods, where custom CG animations are projection-mapped onto blank M&M bottles. This is the first project completed between DisplayMapper and Optoma.

The M&Ms installation uses Optoma’s ProScene ZU650 laser phosphor technology (6,000 lumens) with DisplayMapper’s enhanced new features – ‘pixel perfect’ mapping, USB camera-enabled monitoring, RS-232 controlled scheduling and remote maintenance. The system boasts over 10,000 lumens per square metre at a very high pixel density.

To celebrate the partnership, Optoma said that integrators can get DisplayMapper for a 50% discount by visiting

Analyst Comment

We reported on the work between Optoma and DisplayMapper at the Retail Design Show in London (Optoma Shows Unique Advantages of Projection). The video below emphasises the dynamic nature of the solution. (BR)