O2 Gains TV Customers in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the incumbent O2 ended 2016 with 221,000 IPTV and OTT subscribers for its TV service, up 6.1% more than a year earlier.

O2 has a complementary service called Multi that allows customers to watch TV on more than one device at the same time and this has become very popular since its launch. At the end of 2016, Multi had 34,000 subscribers, which brought the total number of set-top boxes receiving O2 to over 250,000.

O2 TV service was increasingly watched via the Internet and via mobile apps in various places such as restaurants, pubs and bars. In fact, the total number of different locations where O2 TV was watched was over 1,100 and was watched by some 350,000 customers,

O2, which is also present in Slovakia, had group operating revenues of CZK37.522 billion (€1.388 billion) in 2016, or 0.4% more than a year earlier.

Its EBITDA was CZK10.451 billion (+3%) and net profit CZK5.259 billion (+3.6%).t