Telekom Austria Sees Modest Growth in Pay-TV

Last year, Telekom Austria saw modest growth in its pay-TV businesses in Bulgaria and Croatia. In Bulgaria, it ended the year with 478,200 pay-TV RGUs representing a 3.3% increase on the total at the end of 2015. In Croatia, it ended the year with 202,400 pay-TV revenue generating units (RGUs) representing a 7.2% increase.

In other CEE markets, pay-TV RGU growth was much more pronounced in Slovenia with a year-on-year increase of 34.4% and a total 50,500 RGUs.

In Belarus, where Telekom Austria was a new entrant in the pay-TV market, it ended the year with 144,900 pay-TV RGUs, while in Macedonia it saw a year-on-year reduction of 2.1% to 124,100 RGUs.

In its home market, Telekom Austria ended 2016 with 284,400 pay-TV RGUs representing a 5.5% increase over the previous year. In its latest set of results there were continuing strong operational trends in Croatia and Belarus, initial improvements in Bulgaria and strong competition in Serbia and Slovenia.

The group as a whole saw its reported revenues in 2016 increase by 2.2% to €4,211.5 million, which was above market expectations.