Czech Republic


Czech Republic’s O2 TV Launches New Set-Top Box

by Andrew Fenn

O2 TV, a pay TV platform exclusive to the Czech Republic, has released a new set-top box. The new device is priced at CZK 1,900 (about $85), the same as its predecessor. It’s not …

Tags:Czech Republic| Large Display Monitor| STBs| Vol 25 - Issue 29

Czech Broadcaster Switches to DVB-T2 and HEVC

by Andrew Fenn

Czech Republic broadcaster, Ceská Televize, began transmitting its signal in the DVB-T2 format this week. The company plans to simulcast in both DVB-T2 and its predecessor format for up to 12 months, after which …

Tags:Czech Republic| DVB-T & T2| HEVC (H.265)| Large Display Monitor| Vol 25 - Issue 12

LED Screen Acts as Virtual Astronomical Clock Replacement in Prague

by Andrew Fenn

Prague city council has installed a virtual replacement for the city’s Astronomical Clock landmark while the real thing undergoes renovations. On its website, Prague City Hall wrote: “A modern LED screen on the tower …

Tags:Czech Republic| DOOH| Large Display Monitor| Outdoor Displays| Vol 25 - Issue 11

Televisions Now in 95% of Czech Homes

by Andrew Fenn

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Admosphere, televisions were in 95% of homes in the Czech Republic as of the end of 2017. 90% of TV-owning households in the country also included at …

Tags:Czech Republic| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| TV Viewing| Vol 25 - Issue 11

O2 Czech Sees Quarter Rise in TV Subscribers

by Alan Spencer

O2 Czech has ended the first quarter of 2017 with 222,000 TV subscribers for its IPTV and OTT service, which is a rise of 5% compared to the same quarter of 2016. There were …

Tags:Czech Republic| IPTV| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OTT Video| Pay TV| Vol 24 - Issue 17

O2 Czech Republic Launched HbbTV with SMS Payment App

by Alan Spencer

O2 Czech Republic has announced the launch of its HbbTV platform, which comes with an integrated SMS payment app, which was developed by Mautilus. This is claimed to be the first service in Europe …

Tags:Czech Republic| HbbTV| Large Display Monitor| OTT Video| Vol 24 - Issue 09

O2 Gains TV Customers in Czech Republic

by Alan Spencer

In the Czech Republic, the incumbent O2 ended 2016 with 221,000 IPTV and OTT subscribers for its TV service, up 6.1% more than a year earlier. O2 has a complementary service called Multi that …

Tags:Czech Republic| IPTV| Large Display Monitor| OTT Video| Vol 24 - Issue 05

Foxconn confirms further investments in Pardubice

by Bob Raikes

Foxconn has confirmed that it will increase its investment in its operation in Pardubice in the Czech Republic following an agreement with the local authorities. Jobs are to be expanded, but we were unable …

Tags:Czech Republic| Foxconn (Honhai)| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Skylink to Sell Samsung Box

by Bob Raikes

Skylink of the Czech Republic said that it plans to sell an STB developed by Samsung and called the EVO-S from the 8th October at 3,390 CZK / € 124.80 (including VAT). The hybrid …

Tags:Czech Republic| Large Display Monitor| Samsung| STBs| Vol 23 - Issue 39

TV Nova to launch HbbTV

by Isaac Oburu

Czech broadcaster TV Nova deployed the Icareus Playout HbbTV server to broadcast hybrid and broadband services. Wth Icareus HbbTV Carousel server TV Nova can now offer HbbTV to its viewers.

Tags:Broadcast| Czech Republic| HbbTV| Large Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 35

Czech Republic Will Move to T2 by 2022

by Tom Allen

The Czech Republic has said that it aims to complete its transition to DVB-T2 within the next six years. A strategy for the development of DTT will be submitted by the end of June.

Tags:Czech Republic| DVB-T & T2| Large Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 15

eD’system Expands Smartwatch Stock

by Tom Allen

Distributor eD’system is now stocking Suunto and PolarPro smartwatches in the Czech Republic.

Tags:Czech Republic| Distribution| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| Vol 22 - Issue 46