Nanocomp Claims Thinnest Light Guide

By Bob Raikes

Nanocomp of Finland has developed a film optic, made using a roll-to-roll (R2R) UV-imprinting process to, that can be used as a light guide for LCDs, EPDs or other medium-sized displays. The company claims that its technology is the thinnest and most efficient light guide solution available in the size range of 7-15.6″. The thinness ((0.375-0.5 mm) allows the development of flexible or bendable displays and can be used in front- or back-light applications.

Analyst Comment

Nanocomp will be at SID next week, so we plan to get some more details of its technology which looks very interesting. (BR)

Nanocomp claims the thinnest flexible light guide for front- or back-lighting