Beabloo Has Interesting Retail Applications

Beabloo is a systems integrator that had a booth that was co-branded with support from Intel. The company started by showing us its Wi-fi analytics which tracks the mac addresses of mobile devices to track visitors to stores. One of the company’s key strengths, they told us, is video analytics and the company can integrate the video analytics with the CMS used in digital signage. This can mean that, for example, the analytics can be used to track the impact of particular content items by age range and gender. It can use AI to optimise the presentation of content that is most likely to be well received.

The company was also showing RFID being used for ‘lift and learn’ applications. In these, when a prospective customer lifts an item from a shelf, the information is automatically conveyed to the CMS which can show relevant information on a local small screen.

The video analytics can also be used in self service stores. For example, there was a demo of video analytics being used to allocate an age range to a shopper, so that, for example, if the customer is buying alcohol, but is in an age category such as 16-24, staff can be alerted. On the other hand, if the age is higher, there is no need for a staff member to check, which can save time.

Beabloo LCD on a trolleyBeabloo showed this LCD on a trolley. Image:Meko

Beabloo is working on beacon technology and remains positive about applications, but told us that these have to be carefully thought through. It is working on making signage more responsive using beacons. A particularly interesting application was the use of a display on a shopping trolley that can be used in collaboration with beacons so that promotions can be triggered by location. The display can also be fitted with a camera to allow buyers to scan items, again giving the opportunity for promotions or giving special information to the client.