Multitaction Boosts Software

We last talked to Multitaction at the DSE show in March. (Multitaction Shows Off iWall). At Infocomm, the company was showing a curved wall configuration based on its 55″ modules (which are made from LCDs, with 32 ir cameras behind the panel in an array to capture the images of items that contact the screen).

The company aims at Fortune 500 companies, so its idea of an “entry level” product is quite high as being a three 55″ panel system, including a PC and sound at $65,000.

Much of the recent development for the company has been in software and it has added wireless content sharing. It also demonstrated how simple QR codes on the back of a business card can be recognised by the system, making login very quick and easy. The system can be used with infrared pens and, of course, can support the Windows 10 requirement to recognise pens, erasers and fingers.

The firm told us that the latest version of its system can track touch at 200Hz for a very high level of responsiveness. We also heard that its displays will feature anti-glare Gorilla glass from later this year.

dse15 curved iwall croppedThis image was from DSE, but the same wall was at Infocomm – image

Analyst Comment

We were surprised that Multitaction doesn’t currently support pressure – we would have expected it to do so as finger size would give an idea. The company told us that it has not had demand for pressure sensitivity and to that, we’d add ‘yet’. (BR)