Multitaction Shows Off iWall

DSE multitraction

At DSE 2015 MultiTaction showed a 12 screen curved wall with 2D barcode reading capabilities based on its IR technology MultiTaction is an interactive display developer from Finland. The company was at DSE showing its iWall videowall, which is based on IR technology through the screen. By applying iWall technology to curved displays, the company said that it can create a 360° configuration, up to 30m. They also claimed to be the first to develop a curved interactive display screen, and showed it at DSE. (That honour goes to Flat Frog at ISE – Man. Ed. – FlatFrog Shows Curved Touch System)

iWall was first seen by us at ISE 2014 (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 7). It was also shown at InfoComm last June, in a tiled display configuration. The technology has several advantages that go beyond touch like pen support; an unlimited number of users; shape and object recognition; and even 2D barcode reading and identification of whole hands, not just fingers. At DSE the company showed twelve 55-inch displays giving the system a 90-degree curvature with full touch and unlimited number of users. IR also allows 2D Barcode recognition and unique hot-spots for single users simultaneously (pretty cool).

Multitaction said that its IR is immune to external light and can work with any bezel or bonded glass thickness. Multitaction’s technology is called CVTS or Computer Vision Through Screen, and is supplied with a software development kit that offers design and display use flexibility. We also found an IR based pen system working at the AsianDA booth from Shenzhen China but no word if this technology is based on the MultiTraction core, presumably protected by world wide patens sans (of course) China, who seem to take a different approach to, (OK, they ignore) world wide patent claims.