Four DOOH Directions for ViewSonic

DSE Viewsonic

Viewsonic’s 70-inch touch interactive Display at DSE 2015 with full HD and six user interface selling for $7300ViewSonic was at DSE with many of the products it showed at ISE, just a few weeks before. We met with Gene Ornstead, director of product marketing, who told us the company wants to move in four key directions in the DOOH space. These directions include enterprise; large screen interactive; retail and POS; and kiosk options.

In the large screen interactive (public) space, ViewSonic offers its 70″ CDE7051-TL (available now for $7,300), which boasts 1920 x 1080 resolution, with simultaneous touch screen support for up to six users. This is a slim design with a thin bezel and using a 7H scratch-resistant surface for public space durability.

On the enterprise large format display side, the company was showing an 84″ UltraHD LCD display with 10-point touch (CDE8451-TL, $19,000, available in April). Meanwhile, the retail and POS space is targeted by the 48″ single-point connection commercial display, the CDE4820H (to be shipped in June, price TBD) and the all-in-one kiosk offerings announced in December. The kiosks are based on a 50″ touch display with integrated Linux PC (EP5012-TL, available now for $4,000).

ViewSonic was also showing its internal (slot-in network) PC media player (NMP708, available now for $1,000). It has UltraHD support using an Intel Core i5 module, which also uses an Nvidia GPU (GeForce GT GPU version) with 8GB RAM, upgradeable to 32GB. The group has also developed desktop virtualisation software called Multiplatform, which helps to configure various video wall set-ups.

Ornstead was very upbeat about the DOOH space in general, and said ViewSonic is well positioned to offer its customers a suite of solutions that will support their move into the digital signage universe.