Cima Demonstrates Power of Sante Touch Material

Cima Nanotech 150x150

Cima Nanotech, an interactive materials supplier, was at the show with its Sante material. Two partners were showing a 42″ procap touch display that empowers LFD devices in 42″+ sizes.

The company said that its low cost nanoparticle solution uses a mesh net approach printed on a flexible printed circuit (FPC), and can empower up to a 10-point interface with high conductivity (<25Ω/sq). The technology even works with thick (up to 10mm) cover glass solutions, which can be required in outside or ruggedised deployments. To get there, Cima uses an FPC bonding method direct to the glass, which can support a thin bezel or shallow border display, in most all screen sizes.

The company also created a 57″ display table that takes advantage of the thick cover glass and sub-2cm bezel-to-bezel capability. It is its stand partners, TouchMedia Pte and Amdolla Group, with its Amdox interactive software, that boost response time to just 6ms, the company said. The combination enables improved performance, design flexibility and better maintenance and overall performance.