DynaScan Launches New Multi-Technology Outdoor Displays

by Shawnee Blackwood

These kiosks support multiple display technologies like LCD, LED, LED tickers, and ePaper, and are available in three sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch.

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Samsung Partners Up to Bring Digital Signage to EV Charging Stations

by Omid Rahmat

Samsung’s putting its OH55A outdoor signage display into a new kiosk product in partnership with Palmer Digital and IoTecha. The charging kiosk may include one or two Samsung OH55A displays, and one or two …

Tags:DOOH| IoTecha| Kiosks| Palmer Group| Samsung

Video Represents 40% of Programmatic Ad Spend in OOH

by Omid Rahmat

Billboards, large format, free-standing, elevated displays remain the most popular asset category for digital ads. But, the second half of 2022 saw roughly 10% growth in display panel, and screen/TV usage. The data is …

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DynaScan to Introduce New High-Brightness Outdoor Kiosks at ISE 2023

by Artem Alekseenko

DynaScan Technology is pleased to announce it will be returning to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in 2023. DynaScan will be exhibiting its recently updated lineup of ultra-high brightness displays and introduce an array of outdoor kiosks …

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The Expanding Real Estate for Displays in Retail

by Omid Rahmat

NRF’s Big Show, the annual trade show for retail technology is being held in New York (January 15-17, 2023), the first time the show is taking place in-person in 2 years. The last time …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Digital Signage| DOOH| Kiosks| Retail| VR

Peerless AV Event – London – Part 1

by Bob Raikes

Peerless AV once again held an event for AV brands at the Lords cricket ground in London. As I missed ISE this year because of the clash with Display Week, I was happy to …

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dynascan proc

Double Displays with Dynascan

by Milos Pavlovic

What They Say Invidis highlighted new products for DOOH kiosks and double-sided window displays from high-brightness LCD specialist Dynascan at this year’s ISE event. The firm has extended into full kiosks that are ready …

Tags:Double (Dual) Sided Displays| High Brightness Displays| ISE 2022| Kiosks| Outdoor Displays

New McDonalds Kiosk? LG Restaurant Kiosk – Prototype

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Invidis reported that LG is introducing a new complete kiosk system for restaurants. The 27″ 27KC3J touchscreen unit (bigger than many competitors) will initially be launched in the Korean market and …

Tags:Kiosks| LG Electronics (LGE)| QSRs & Menu Boards

First Samsung kiosk solution for Europe

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Invidis reported that Samsung’s new kiosk solution, which we saw at the Peerless event in London, is being supported by a French software provider, Intuiface. The firm is enabling fully functional …

Tags:Germany| Kiosks| Samsung

Links Week Ending 17th December 2021

by Bob Raikes

Every week we see some articles that don’t really need comment or are just plain interesting. Here are a few from the second part of this week. It’s Awkward Being a Woman in the …

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