DynaScan Launches New Multi-Technology Outdoor Displays

DynaScan has introduced new outdoor kiosks as part of its DK Series. These kiosks support multiple display technologies like LCD, LED, LED tickers, and ePaper, and are available in three sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch. They come in both dual-sided and single-sided configurations, allowing businesses to customize their displays for various outdoor applications.

Source: Dynascan

The kiosks’ integration of different display technologies enables the presentation of both dynamic and static content. Additional features include optional equipment like Intel Smart Display Module integration, wireless antennas, P-CAP touch technology, digital locks, cameras, and sensors.

DynaScan has focused on energy efficiency and sustainability in the design of these kiosks. They are built with recyclable materials and are part of a modular, upgradable series. The kiosks are suited for various lighting conditions, offering high readability in sunlight. They are built for durability, with an IP rating for all-weather use and IK10 protection for toughness.

Maintenance is minimized due to intelligent thermal management that involves customized dual heat sinks for passive cooling. The DynaScan Total Control Cloud (TCC) feature enables remote monitoring and management of the kiosks, offering functions like live monitoring, dashboard access, and alert notifications for efficient performance.